From Cards to Cards

Discovering the DIY world was really empowering for me. I started off making my own cards for people because 1) they’re more personal and 2) I can’t stand cheesy cards. Then I started DIYing all sorts of things. I learned to do some basic electric repairs, host a basic website, and build a spiraling bookshelf! Cool, eh?

But for me DIYing was a private affair and I was missing more interaction. Since I work nights, a lot of my friends are asleep when I get back. I had been a long-time poker player, so I was super happy to find online video poker games. I was a bit rusty on my skills, so I went to onlinecasinosnj.com to brush up. Found some great tips, and also several free online casino games. Poker tournament with my buds this weekend, so we’ll see how I do!

So I’ve moved from cards to cards, I guess you could say. The DIY spirit got me thinking about how I could improve on skills I already have, and try to use those to save or make some money. Being able to learn and play online might have abolished the apprentice system, but it lets more people learn, which I think is a win.

23 Nov 2019